Body Kits

Body kits can dramatically alter the appearance of the car and sometimes for the better! Choose a kit that compliments the lines of the car, it can look very wrong to have a curvacious kit on an angular car or vice versa.

Kits that require spraying must be properly prepared and sprayed or they will start to peel and look shabby – this can add another £300-£1000 to the fitting cost. Replacement bumpers are sometimes more flimsy and brittle than the standard padded ones and will not offer the same level of protection in a crash to a pedestrian or the engine.

When fitting a new kit is is a good opportunity to get the car resprayed since it is difficult to match the paint colour of the kit to the current car’s paint colour, especially if the paint has faded a little. Mesh and similar grill and vent covers can look good but are often hard to apply when the kit is already on the car. So, spend a little time beforehand thinking about the order you need to do things in – it can save hours of fitting, unfitting and fitting again!

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